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You should know that APE BOARDS are crafted by the legendary Otto Caha. He has been obsessed with making snowboards for about 20 years. All products that leave the factory are signed by Otto Caha which marks the top quality treatment he provides. All snowboard and kiteboard models undergo a rigorous quality check before they get out there.

We make special snowboardcross boards for the world champion Eva Samková under the supervision of an experienced professional. Viktor Borsuk kills it on a kiteboard by Otto Caha. He is currently in the PKRA TOP 10 which is the most prestigious kiteboard competition.

How do we actually make the boards? Let’s try to describe how the popular snowboardcross models loved by the junior world champion Eva Samková, Flaška and many other great riders are brought to life.

How the most exclusive snowboards are made:

  • The logo is carved into the sintered running surface (by a CNC milling machine).
  • The edge is wound around the running surface.
  • A layer of glue is put on the running surface.
  • A layer of quadraxial e-glass fabric is added and immersed into the glue. Then another layer is added on top in the opposite direction.
  • More glue immersion follows.
  • The anti-vibration layer comes next. In fact, it is a rubber band smeared with glue.
  • Then comes the woodcore with inserts. It is protected by the ABS-tape.
  • More glue layers follow.
  • One more anti-vibration layer is added.
  • One more glue layer is added.
  • The carbon fibre gives the board its final touch.
  • The last glue layer is added.
  • The topsheet featuring a printed artwork is added on top. Next, every board is put into a custom shell.

This half-made cake of many layers is put into the press to be ‘baked’ in high temperature and pressure. During this process, usually lasting between one to two hours, the glue becomes solid and its remnants are pushed to the outside. When the board is taken out of the press, the excessive material is removed. The edges are cleaned, the running surface gets waxed and the snowboard is ready to rock!