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If you’re a graphic freak, using our APE BOARDS ‘DESIGN STUDIO’ might be a waste of time for you. You can do it your way using the software you like!
We’ll manufacture your board within two weeks. Be as creative as you are!
Send your custom design to



If you don’t feel like doing it all yourself or you want to make sure the result will be super-cool, we are ready to help.
Tell us your thoughts and ideas about the board or send us some pictures you would like to use and we’ll take care of the rest. The APE BOARDS graphic designers are here to satisfy your desires.

You can also tweak a board from our own collection (change colours, add words, pictures etc.). If you like the design of a board, we can print it on a different model if you wish. It’s all up to you…

The price of our CUSTOM BOARDS service is EUR 90 – for the custom design.



There is a range of graphic features on the website of the service provider which may be used by the customer for the custom design. Any further use of these graphic features belonging to the service provider outside the website or the partner websites (especially any further publishing or passing around of these features) without the service provider’s written consent is strictly forbidden.

The customers may also use their own graphic features, photos and pictures when creating their custom design. The use of graphic features, photos and other pictures not belonging to the customer is allowed with the written consent of their respective creators only (or if free-to-use material is concerned).

The customer is responsible for all graphic features, photos, pictures, titles and texts used in the custom design process. The customer hereby declares that none of the graphic features used violate copyright, registered trademarks or other intellectual property rights, and that they do not violate rights of any third person. The service provider cannot be held responsible should the breach of the abovementioned terms and conditions by the buyer cause any direct or indirect damage to the buyer.

The service provider cannot be held responsible should the breach of the abovementioned terms and conditions by the buyer cause any direct or indirect damage to a third person.

The graphic features used by the customer in process of designing custom prints shall not be in conflict with the Czech law or with moral and ethical rules employed by civilized, democratic societies (they are further referred to as “Inappropriate features”). They shall not cotain: pornographic material; symbols of political or other movements violating human rights, epsecially fascism, nazism and communism; images promoting violence, hatred, racism or other forms of discrimination; images promoting terrorism, armed conflicts and wars; features containing religious symbols in humiliating ways or disrespectful situations; features containing any national symbols including the national symbols of the Czech Republic and any other country or nation in humiliating ways or disrespectful situations; copyrighted logos and registered trademarks of companies unless they agree to provide them for this purpose; intellectual property unless the owner agrees to provide it for this purpose.

The service provider shall have the right to supervise graphic features used by the customers and to deny the manufacture of a product containing inappropriate features.

The service provider is entitled to use graphic geatures created by the customer and the custom prints created by the customer for marketing and promotional purposes. In case the service provider wishes to use the graphic features created by the customer for any commercial purposes, the consent of the customer concerned is required.